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Sell-Side Transactions

Boundless opportunities for all involved.


Advisory & Strategy

Identify the optimal buyer, determine the most suitable deal structure, and establish a target valuation.

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Sale Evaluation

Assess the current readiness of the company for a sale that aligns with the targets outlined in the strategy.


Carry out any necessary actions to ensure the company is adequately prepared for a successful sale, which includes preparing financial statements.


Material Preparation

We'll produce a no-name teaser, a Confidential Information Memorandum, and an organized data room, enabling prospective buyers to access and evaluate the critical valuation drivers quickly.


Arrange meetings with potential buyers and disseminate relevant materials to them as part of our services.


Due Diligence

Assist in facilitating the closing of the deal and collaborate with representatives to ensure a seamless process.


Provide all closing documentation to ensure a smooth transaction, including reserving a name, structuring the entirety of the new entity, forming a subsidiary, obtaining supporting documents, and more.

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