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Buy-Side Transactions

Opportunities that enrich your business ecosystem.


Advisory & Strategy

An intricate buy-side strategy developed and tailored specifically for your business.

Running with Shopping Bags
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Arrange meetings with potential on and off-market sellers and disseminate relevant materials.

Deal Structuring

Structure a deal that protects our client on the downside and incentivizes the management team on the upside.


The key to the right deal is buying at the right valuation with the proper structure.

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Due Diligence

Perform a five-phased due diligence process to provide the buyer with confidence in the security of their transaction-related expectations.


Our team will furnish and execute all QoE, Tax, Insurance, and Legal diligence.


Provide all closing documentation to ensure a smooth transaction, including reserving a name, structuring the entirety of the new entity, forming an acquisition subsidiary, obtaining supporting documents, and more.

Flat Round Elements
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Equiturn's goal is to move the organization quickly through the integration milestones to meet deadlines and capture value.

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