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Equiturn facilitates effective coordination and momentum throughout the process of integration. Inadequate integration efforts can rapidly deplete value during the integration phase. In many cases, financial markets expect early signs of value capture from any merger, and employees who are already experiencing increased levels of change and uncertainty can interpret integration delays as signs of instability. Equiturn's goal is to move the organization quickly through the integration milestones to meet deadlines and capture value. At the same time, Equiturn guides the team through uncertainty, facilitates decision-making, and removes roadblocks.


A successful post-merger integration (PMI) depends upon a thorough understanding of the merger thesis. We have assembled a multidisciplinary team with extensive industry experience, technology expertise, and operational knowledge to address these challenges. Our integration consulting services are offered holistically rather than as a series of projects so that we can support you from strategy and analysis through planning, and implementation, to delivering a successful integration following a merger. We lead clients from start to finish, ensuring they have all the tools and knowledge needed to succeed.

Post-Merger Integration

The post-merger integration process combines two entities, their assets, people, processes, and resources in a manner that maximizes efficiency and achieves synergies to expand the future value of the enterprise.

Executive Implementation

To decrease the administrative burden of your merger and get a head start on integration, Equiturn implements executives from our team to fill any potential gaps on your c-level board such as CFO, COO, or CMO until a permanent and viable solution can be reached.


We work with the most senior executive staff to create an operational structure that strengthens the business undergoing PMI by effectively using human assets from all parties strategically.

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