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Equiturn's Due Diligence process comprehensively assesses a business's performance before a buyer agrees to invest into it. Throughout due diligence, we will review the target company's assets, liabilities, profitability, growth opportunities, structure, operations, and critical business relationships through the lens of an investor. By having this information available, you can quickly assess the deal's strategic commercial prospects and ensure that the acquisition or merger is valued correctly.


Due diligence assures the buyer that their expectations regarding the transaction are secure. Purchasing a business without a comprehensive due diligence period substantially increases the risk to the purchaser. Equiturns Due Diligence Team works with our clients hand-in-hand to ensure accuracy at every step.

Comprehensive Checklists

Our team will provide a comprehensive checklist that will be required from both sides of the transaction and coordinate responsibilities for each element of due diligence.

Deep Expertise

Financial due diligence can assist prospective buyers in identifying and focusing on those elements within the business that will be critical to its future success.


We provide purchasers with greater certainty about the nature of the business, its cash flow characteristics, and an analysis of the value drivers, which reduces the uncertainty surrounding pricing decisions, and the level of gearing the structure will support.

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