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Once the deal closing phase is reached, it becomes the most vulnerable time in the acquisition process.  Working with legal teams, outlining correct terms, and seeing the process through its final stages becomes of utmost importance, and our team of professionals and legal experts assist our client through each moment of the timeline.


Once an LOI is agreed to, Equiturn can help with actions needed before filing merger documents, including reserving a name, structuring the entirety of the new entity, forming an acquisition subsidiary, obtaining supporting documents, and more.

How Do We Get To Closing?

When due diligence is complete, parties make the final decisions on moving forward to execute the transaction. For legal teams involved, this comes with several responsibilities. Corporate or pre-clearance filings must be made in advance of the closing date. These include merger filings, amendments, ordering of good standings, or issuance of bring-down letters. Payment of filing of annual franchise taxes may also be required for an entity to properly merge.

Final Closing Conditions.

Regardless of the structure, the legal counsels, accountants, and financial advisors of the parties work tirelessly through the closing checklist to get everything ready for closing, including scheduling the wire transfers that are essential to close. A closing call is typically conducted by the parties to close the deal in which their key personnel and advisors review and discuss the transaction details to confirm that all of the conditions have been met.


Documents that are straightforward, direct, and straight to the point are easier to understand and are more likely to be useful. It is more likely that problems will be avoided and litigation will be averted if the documents and the entire sale process are easy to understand. Faster transactions have a lower transaction cost for all parties involved. Having a clear and concise document will reduce the likelihood of misinterpretation or misunderstanding, and will minimize the potential for conflict or recrimination later on. Should it ever come to litigation, a court, a jury, or an arbitrator will be able to understand the document more quickly. A quicker understanding of its meaning will increase the speed of proceedings and lower the legal costs.

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